Ten values of a good society

1) Freedom

Freedom is a main value and the primary prerequisite for the development of society. Freedom is the opposite to slavery.

2) Freedom requires responsibility

Freedom requires active participation of each individual. Freedom is not for free. Freedom needs to be protected, otherwise it will be gradually suppressed by interest groups.

3) Moral and spiritual values are superior to profit in any form

Moral and spiritual values are the most important value we have. It is what you need to keep moving forward. Today's “global religion of money” suppresses moral and spiritual values. This “religion of money” destroys society and nature. It's a way how to exterminate mankind. There is nothing wrong about creating profit, but profit can't be the primary goal.

4) Only win-win relationships

We do not tolerate one group of people living at the expense of the others. Both parties must profit from the transaction; both parties must agree freely. Today's banking system violates this rule.

5) Family is a main entity in society

Families are an essential fabric of society; family is the main engine of the economy. It should be the main concern of any government and should be protected by the government, see paragraph 6)

6) A small and effective government whose primary goal is the care of their citizens

The main task of government is to create a legal framework of society, defense of its territory, to manage foreign policy, and to keep society on the right path. Other activities belong to private and volunteer organizations. If the government wants to run other activities as mentioned above, the government can't block other subjects from entering the market and can't acquire the means for these activities without permission of its citizens.

7) Zero tolerance to criminality and the right to defend your family and property

Society on its own is an example of promoting and maintaining common values. Individuals actively prevent criminal acts. In the case of necessity, individuals are prepared to use power for defending the values of society and the country as a whole. Everyone has a right to defend his family and his property against anyone. The government cannot forbid individuals from using power in defending their rights.

8) Sovereign states on a free common market

In large multicultural communities, governments can't please every group of citizens from its principle. This creates groups of citizens who are dissatisfied with their government. Conflicts eventually arise from that dissatisfaction. All attempts in history to create an empire where people are joined only by the government, but not by values has ended badly. Citizens of smaller, homogenic states with similar ideas, same culture and history are much happier, because the government can please them easily. These small and homogenic states then “compete” on the free and unregulated global market. According to principle in paragraph 4)

9) National currencies and independent international currency/currencies for international clearing system

Central banks are minting money. If the rise of amount of money is higher than rise of real GDP, redistribution of wealth from poor to the rich occurs. Power of the first subjects who receives the minted money then disproportionately rises. They are the commercial banks and other financial institutions, as well as large corporations. Then the financial sector can't contribute to the real economy, but instead is drawing energy from the real economy and the people. Today's elites want to create a single currency, because the bigger the area where the currency is used then the less visible the negative effects of overprinting money are and the more money they can print for themselves. National currencies, along with one or more independent currencies for an international clearing system, is the best option. Each country suits different strength of the currency. States then trade through exchange rates or exchange rates to an independent currency.

10) These values and their compliance create sustainability of life on earth and the protection of nature

We believe that these rules will create sustainability of the system and will enable us to move one step up on the stairs of evolution. It will create compliance of rights and maintain the proper direction of the society. These rules have been tested by thousands of years of human history. Harming these rules should be considered an act of treason.